Senate Democrats

Senate Floor Wrap Up For Tuesday, November 25, 2003

  • S.877, CAN-SPAM Act (concur with the House message with a Senate substitute amendment)
  • H.J.Res.80, Adjournment Resolution (with an amendment)
  • S.Res.273, regarding the Istanbul tragedy
  • S.1683, a bill regarding the pay parity and benefits among federal law enforcement officers
  • S.1402, Railroad Safety
  • H.R.3287, a bill regarding the awarding of a congressional gold medal
  • S.460, a bill regarding State Criminal Alien Assistance
  • H.R.1813, Torture Victims
  • S.854, Torture Victims
  • S.459, Hometown Heroes Survivors (concur in the House amendment)
  • S.Res.177, a resolution regarding the commemoration of the Great Compromise
  • S.Res.157, authorizing the printing of the prayers of Rev. Lloyd Ogilvie
  • S.648, Health Progression programs regarding the practice of pharmacy
  • S.1881, Medical Device User Fee and Modernization Act
  • S.Res.120, a resolution commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Vietnam Veterans of America
  • S.99, S.1130, S.103, S.848, S.541, Private Relief bills
  • S.Res.277, a resolution to recognize staff in the Legislative Counsel office
  • H.R.3348, a bill to reauthorize the ban on undetectable firearms
  • S.1920, Bankruptcy Extension for Family Farmers
  • H.R.1437, an Act to improve the U.S. Code
  • S.573, a bill to promote organ donation
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