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May 2005
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Day May 19, 2005

Senate Floor Wrap Up For Thursday, May 19, 2005

S.Res.150, a resolution expressing continued support for the construction of the Victims of Communism Memorial S.Res.151, a resolution relating to the 57th anniversary of Israel S.Con.Res.35, a concurrent resolution relating to the Russian Federation


Reid Stands With Congressional Black Caucus Against Republican Abuse of Power

CBC delivers letter to Frist urging to preserve Checks and Balances Remarks as prepared for delivery: I am honored to stand with my fine colleagues from the House to signal our unity in opposition to the nuclear option. This week, we marked the 51st Anniversary of the Brown verses Board decision. It’s a case that…


Reid Calls on Republicans to Stop this Partisan Power Grab and Focus on the People’s Business

Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement: “While the Senate Republicans continue to distract from the American people’s business with this partisan power grab, the Senate remains distracted from the crucial work we must do to address skyrocketing health care costs, soaring gas prices and a pension crisis that are facing the American people…


Senator Harry Reid’s Floor Statement on “Advice & Consent”

Remarks as prepared for delivery: Mr. President, I’ve addressed the Senate on several recent occasions to set the record straight about Senate history and the rules of this Chamber. I’d much rather address ways to cut health care costs or bring down gas prices. But the Majority Leader has decided that we will spend this…


Senate Floor Schedule For Thursday, May 19, 2005

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