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August 2005
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From Iraq to Veterans, President Fails to Level with the American People

Washington, DC – Senate Democratic Communications Center spokesman Jim Manley released the following statement today following the President’s VFW speech: “Once again the President missed an opportunity to level with the American people. On Iraq, he chose to deliver the same ‘stay the course’ rhetoric, despite the fact that it is increasingly obvious to most…


Reid Office Statement

U.S. SENATOR HARRY REID’S OFFICE RELEASED THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT LAS VEGAS, NV — After experiencing light headedness on Tuesday evening, Sen. Reid, at the urging of his wife Landra, sought medical attention and learned he had experienced a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA). Senator Reid feels fine. There are no complications or any restrictions on his…


Democratic Senators Ask President to Investigate and Relieve High Gas Prices

Washington, DC – Today, Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Assistant Democrat Leader Dick Durbin, and Senator Maria Cantwell sent a letter to the White House asking the President to take a leadership role in helping to bring down gas prices. While oil companies are experiencing record profits, American families and businesses are facing record gas prices,…


Reid Statement on Roberts Nomination

The following is a statement by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid: “All this talk about whether Democrats will support the Roberts nomination is laughably premature. The hearings have not even begun. The White House has so far refused to produce relevant documents, and the documents we have seen raise questions about the nominee’s commitment to…


Reid Statement on Changes to Take Effect Within Medicare Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today on changes soon to take effect within the Medicare program. “I have always supported adding a drug benefit to Medicare, but Republican leaders are favoring the best interests of HMOs and drug companies over providing the maximum assistance to seniors and people with…


Reid Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of Social Security

We Should Work to Strengthen Social Security, Not Dismantle It Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Social Security on August 14, 2005: “Seventy years after Social Security became part of the basic fabric of our nation; it continues to play a key role in the lives of…


Reid statement on EPA’s proposed standards

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Harry Reid released the following statement on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed radiation standards: “I am astounded that the EPA actually put those recommendations on paper. What the agency released today is nothing more than voodoo science and arbitrary numbers. At the time when the public faces the highest…


Reid Says More Must Be Done to Make America Energy Independent

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement on the signing of the Energy Bill: “I believe that moving America towards energy independence must be one of our highest priorities in order to make America more secure, stimulate our economy and to protect the environment. The bill signed today by the president does not…


Reid Expresses Disappointment in DOJ Response to Judiciary Committee Dems

Washington, D.C. – Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today. “I am disappointed that the Justice Department is unwilling to make available some of the documents relevant to the Roberts nomination. I urge the White House to reconsider this initial decision, and to work cooperatively with Judiciary Committee Democrats so that the…