Senate Democrats


Washington, DC – Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement on the Bush administration’s announcement that they will withdraw 7,000 troops from Iraq:

“I am pleased to hear that some American families will be reunited with their brave sons, daughters, fathers and mothers in the coming weeks as the Bush administration brings troops home from Iraq after nearly three years of this war. It is good news during this holiday season for these families and all Americans, and I would hope that the full regiment of additional forces that had been mobilized to support the Iraqi elections could soon begin to come home.

“I am also pleased that President Bush is beginning to hear the calls of the American people and members of Congress from both political parties who want to know in more specific terms the remaining objectives in Iraq and his strategy to successfully complete the mission. I hope that in the coming weeks he will level with the American people and inform us of what conditions on the ground must be met in order for more families to be reunited with their loved ones.”


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