Senate Democrats


Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement on President Bush¹s remarks today on the war in Iraq:

“Three years into the war in Iraq, with that country now experiencing a low-grade civil war, it has become increasingly clear that President Bush is content with an open-ended commitment with no end in sight for our U.S. troops and taxpayers. He even said that the continued U.S. troop presence in Iraq would be decided by ‘future Presidents,’ suggesting a military commitment to Iraq that was never contemplated or approved by the American people.

“Last year, Congress overwhelmingly called on President Bush to make 2006 a year of significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty. The domestic public relations campaign waged by the White House and the new round of Presidential speeches does not advance that goal. President Bush must accept that he has to change course, reject the notion of an open-ended commitment in Iraq, and finally develop the plan that allows our troops to begin to come home.”


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