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January 2007
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Day January 22, 2007

Senate Floor Wrap Up For Monday, January 22, 2007

H.Con.Res.38, authorizing a joint session of Congress to receive the President’s State of the Union Address (with Reid technical amendment) Print S.1, the Ethics and Lobbying Reform bill, as passed by the Senate on January 18, 2007


Senate Floor Schedule For Monday, January 22, 2007

H.R.2, the Minimum Wage bill


The State of Middle Class Families

For years, American families have been paying the price for reckless Republican policies that put special interests ahead of the middle class.  Instead of helping middle class families squeezed by skyrocketing costs and declining incomes, Republicans have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on budget-busting tax breaks and other handouts for wealthy special interests.  Democrats…


A New Direction for America: Better Pay

In November, Americans voted to take the country in a much needed new direction by electing Democrats to lead Congress.  Democrats promised to seek better pay for working Americans, starting by raising the federal minimum wage.  Earlier this month, the House of Representatives took the first step towards honoring that promise by passing H.R.2, the…


State of the Union Rhetoric v. Reality: President Bush Has Failed to Deliver on His Promises to Promote Energy Independence

For the past six years, President Bush has used his State of the Union addresses to promise energy independence.  Despite his often lofty rhetoric, President Bush has failed to deliver results.  As President Bush prepares to deliver his State of the Union Address for 2007, Democrats call on him to work with us to transform…