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July 2007
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Day July 10, 2007

Senate Floor Wrap Up For Tuesday, July 10, 2007

S.Res.266, a reoslution making Minority Party Committee appointments S.Res.267, a resolution to honor the life of renowned painter, artist Tom Lea on the 100th anniversary of his birth


Reid: Al la guerra civil continuar seis meses después de que Bush anunciara el aumento de tropas, demócratas luchan nuevamente por estrategia para traer las tropas a casa

“En los seis meses desde que el Presidente Bush anunció su intensificación de la guerra, casi 600 estadounidenses valientes han muerto intentando proveerle a los líderes políticos de Irak el espacio que necesitan para unificar a su país.  Pero los líderes de Irak se han congelado en un tranque peligroso y no han cumplido prácticamente…


Senator Baucus Comments On Presidential Remarks On Health Care

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) commented today on remarks by the President Bush, who called again to replace efforts to renew and improve the successful Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) with tax proposals instead.  CHIP covers low-income American children for health care when their families cannot afford private insurance.   The Finance Committee will…


Senator Webb Faults Republican Filibuster Of Amendment To Support Troops

Senator Jim Webb of Virginia released a statement following the Republican decision to filibuster his amendment on responsible overseas troop deployment. Here is the text of his statement: “Today the Republicans decided to filibuster an amendment that goes straight to the well-being of our troops.  I deeply regret this move, which makes it necessary for…


Senate Floor Schedule For Tuesday, July 10, 2007

H.R.1585, the Defense Authorization bill