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July 2007
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Day July 30, 2007

Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act Protects Health Care for Kids

Today, a bipartisan Senate coalition offered legislation to reauthorize a vital children’s health insurance program, known as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). With their commitment to ensure children in need have the opportunity to receive the care they deserve, Democrats worked with GOP Senators in crafting a bi-partisan bill that covers 3 million children…


Iraq Since the Surge: No Progress

When President Bush unveiled his troop escalation plan for Iraq on January 10, he claimed that increased U.S. troop levels would enable American and Iraqi forces to quell Iraq’s spiraling sectarian violence and bring security to the country.  He stated that “[o]ur troops will have a well-defined mission: to help Iraqis clear and secure neighborhoods,…


Middle-Class Life Under Bush: Less Affordable and Less Secure

For millions of hard-working, middle-class families, life under the Bush presidency has grown less affordable and less secure.  President Bush’s record of fiscal incompetence and mismanagement and Republicans’ close ties with special interests have helped lead to both lower wages and skyrocketing costs for basic necessities like gas, health care, and college tuition.  Unfortunately, instead…


‘Grand Obstructionist Party’ Continues Efforts to Block Progress, While Democrats Move America in a New Direction

 “The strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail … and so far it’s working for us.” — Republican Whip, Senator Trent Lott (Roll Call, 4/18/07) The 110th Congress has been hard at work.  Unfortunately, while Senate Democrats have been working to lead the way, Senate Republicans have been working to stand in the way. …