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August 2007
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Day August 28, 2007

President Bush on Iraq: More Empty Rhetoric

For the second time in two weeks, President Bush sought to rally support for his failing Iraq policy with pure rhetoric. Last week, the President reversed himself and compared Iraq to Vietnam. Today, President Bush once again claimed that Iraq presents a “direct threat to American peace and security,” despite the judgment of the U.S.…


Reid: Flawed Iraq Strategy Making America Less Secure

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada made the following statement today, following President Bush’s speech at the American Legion’s National Convention in Reno, NV:  "President Bush’s speech today missed the mark yet again.  All Americans agree that we must continue to fight extremists and that we must help the Iraqi people build a…


Katrina Recovery: Two Years Later

Since January, Senate Democrats have made a strong commitment to the Gulf Coast region. Democrats have authorized and financed vital projects in the region while fighting obstacles imposed by the White House and executive branch agencies in getting aid to hurricane victims. Below is a brief summary of the commitment Democrats have made to the…