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September 2007
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Day September 14, 2007

Reid: Informe de Casa Blanca fracasa en justificar el compromiso sin fin del Presidente Bush con la guerra civil en Irak

WASHINGTON D.C. – El Líder de la Mayoría del Senado Harry Reid hizo las siguientes declaraciones hoy sobre el último informe de la Casa Blanca sobre las metas, o “benchmarks.”:   “A pesar del esfuerzo que hicieron para darle un ángulo político positivo, la evaluación de hoy de la Casa Blanca sobre la situación política…


Sen. Webb’s Statement in Response to Secretary of Defense Gates and General Pace Regarding Webb Amendment on Dwell Time for our Troops

It is fully to be expected that the administration would oppose this amendment.  The intention of the amendment is to rectify an inequity brought about by administration policies.  I had a personal discussion with Secretary Gates on Wednesday and modified the amendment to address his major concerns. It is an appropriate area for Congress to…


Reid celebra Mes de Herencia Hispana, urge a latinos a votar

Washington, DC – El Líder de la Mayoría del Senado Harry Reid emitió las siguientes declaraciones hoy para celebrar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana, que comienza mañana, 15 de septiembre y termina el 15 de octubre.   “Hoy, de parte de los demócratas del Senado, me uno a los más de 44 millones de…


Reid: President’s Signature Of Lobbying And Ethics Bill Marks Significant Day For Americans

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today following the President’s signature of the lobbying and ethics reform bill into law: “Today marks a significant day for our nation, as the President signs the toughest ethics and lobbying reform in generations, and Democrats continue to deliver on our promises to the American…


Reid: White House Report Fails To Justify President Bush’s Open-Ended Commitment To Iraq Civil War

WASHINGTON D.C. – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today on the latest White House benchmark report: "As hard as they may have tried to spin it, today’s assessment by the White House on the political situation in Iraq once again shows that the President’s flawed escalation policy is not working. It…


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