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January 2008
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Day January 26, 2008

Reid Statement On Bush Administration Threat To Veto Surveillance Law Extension

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today: “The White House threat to veto a short extension of the Protect America Act is shamefully irresponsible.  The President is simply posturing in advance of Monday’s State of the Union address. “When it comes to providing a strong long-term Foreign Intelligence Surveillance bill, Democrats…


Dorgan: Both Parties Must Come Together To Shore Up Economy In Short-Term, Pursue Lasting Long-Term Solutions

Washington, DC—Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota delivers this week’s Democratic Radio Address.  The Senate will soon take up a plan to strengthen an economy weakened by seven years of misguided fiscal policies and record deficits.  Even as Congress moves in a bipartisan fashion to apply short-term fixes to the economy, Dorgan says, we need…