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March 2008
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Day March 12, 2008

Senate Floor Wrap Up For Wednesday, March 12, 2008

S.2745, Farm bill extension through April 18.


The Cost of Inaction: The Impacts of Climate Change on the Oceans and Drinking Water

“The complex relationship between oceans and climate change, as we currently understand it, cries out for reform in two core areas, governance and science.” –Admiral James D. Watkins, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Chairman, U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy Co-Chair, Joint Ocean Commission Initiative, May 10, 2007. Despite his promises to the contrary in the 2000 election,…


On 75th Anniversary Of Roosevelt’s First Fireside Chat, Reid Holds Podcast On Economy

Washington D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid held a podcast today to honor the 75th anniversary of the first of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s groundbreaking and historic fireside chats.  Like President Roosevelt’s initial radio address, Senator Reid discussed the banking and housing crises that threaten the nation’s economy.  Senator Reid asked Republicans in Congress to work…


Democrats, Veterans Discuss How Budget Serves Nation’s Service Members

Washington D.C.—Senators Daniel Akaka, Charles Schumer and Patty Murray and Representatives Bob Filner and Chet Edwards joined veterans in a press conference today to discuss how the Democrats’ budget will help improve the quality of life for our nation’s veterans.  Democrats have a fiscally responsible plan to restore military readiness, honor our commitment to troops…


Senate Democrats’ Budget Strengthens America While the Bush Republicans’ Would Weaken It

The Senate Democrats’ budget makes America more secure by investing in our national security and our homeland security. On veterans and troops, the Democratic budget closes a $3 billion shortfall under the Bush Republican budget while rejecting the Bush Republican budget’s attempt to raise co-pays for veterans. In recognition of their service, the Democratic budget…


Senate Floor Schedule For Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Resume consideration of S.Con.Res.70, the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget FY 2009. The following amendments are pending to S.Con.Res.70: Baucus #4160: (Tax Relief) Graham #4170: (Bush Tax Cuts) Bingaman #4173 (Innovation) Specter #4189: (Permanent AMT Relief) Conrad #4190: (AMT Repeal with offset) Kyl #4191: (Estate Tax) Salazar #4196, as modified: (Estate Tax Reserve Fund) Bunning…