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June 2009
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Day June 26, 2009

The Need for Health Care Reform by the Numbers

Health reform is urgent; now is the time to act. ·         Every day that we fail to act, 14,000 Americans lose their health insurance. ·         Every hour we fail to act, 171 Americans lose their homes to foreclosure due to medical causes. ·         Every 90 seconds that we fail to act, a family files for…


Reid: Energy Legislation A Courageous Step Toward A Clean Energy Future

Washington, DC— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement this evening following passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act in the House of Representatives:   “The House has taken a courageous step toward a safer and cleaner energy future that will create good jobs, reduce pollution and decrease our dependence on…


Health Care Stability and Security for All Americans

·         Reduce costs to make health care affordable ·         Protect a patient’s choice of doctors, hospitals, and insurance plans ·         Assure quality affordable health care for all Americans Health Care Reform Talking Points Status Quo is Unsustainable ·         Reform has been delayed for too long, and it cannot wait any longer. ·         The status quo…


Democratic Accomplishments in the 111th Congress: Honoring the American People’s Call for Change

In just the first six months of the 111th Congress, we have worked hand in hand with the Obama Administration to advance a bold agenda that rebuilds and reinvests in America.   And so far, the news is good: Congress has had one of the most productive starts in years and Americans are feeling more confident…