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July 2009
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Day July 15, 2009

Sotomayor: Republicans Have Largely Ignored Sotomayor’s Distinguished Record

Correcting The Record Republicans Have Asked Judge Sotomayor Again and Again About a Few Words, But Have Largely Ignored Her Distinguished Record RHETORIC:  Yesterday and today, Judiciary Committee Republicans have asked Judge Sotomayor again and again about one line from a speech and have suggested that a few snippets define the kind of judge she…


Sotomayor: Independent Studies Confirm Qualifications And Commitment To Law

Independent Studies of Judge Sotomayor’s Record Confirm Her Extraordinary Qualifications and Commitment to the Law RHETORIC:  Today, Senator Cornyn suggested that Judge Sotomayor’s speeches show she may be an ideological judge, may seek to change the law, or may decide cases other than on the facts and the law. JUDGE SOTOMAYOR repeatedly made clear that…


Reid Urges Passage of Hate Crimes Legislation

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following remarks today on the Senate floor to urge the passage of Hate Crimes Amendment to the Department of Defense Authorization Bill:   “Luis Ramirez picked strawberries and cherries to support his three children and fiancée.  When he wasn’t working in the fields, he worked a second…


Senate Floor Schedule For Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Resume consideration of S.1390, the Department of Defense Authorization bill. Today Senator Levin withdrew his amendment #1469 (Strike F-22); Senator Reid called up for Senator Leahy amendment #1511 (Hate Crimes); Senator Reid then called up a 2nd degree amendment to the Leahy amendment #1511 (Hate Crimes); and Senator Reid filed a cloture motion on the…