Senate Democrats

Senate Floor Schedule For Thursday, July 16, 2009

  • Morning Business for 1 hour, with 10 minute limitations. The Republicans will control the first 30 minutes and the Majority will control the second 30 minutes.
  • Following morning business, the Senate will resume consideration of S.1390, the Department of Defense Authorization Act.
  • The Senate has entered into the following agreement in relation to the DoD Authorization bill:
  • Tonight, the Senate will consider the following second degree amendments to the Leahy amendment #1511 (Hate Crimes) with 4 minutes for debate for each amendment prior to a vote:
  • Hatch amendment #1611 re: alternative
  • Leahy or designee alternative to Brownback amendment (10 minute vote/possible voice vote)
  • Brownback amendment #1610 re: first amendment protections (10 minute vote)
  • Upon disposition of the above listed amendments, the Senate will proceed to a cloture vote on the Leahy amendment #1511 (Hate Crimes) (10 minute vote).
  • Per this agreement, amendment #1539 was withdrawn. If cloture is invoked, all post-cloture debate time will be yielded back and the amendment, as amended, if amended, would be agreed to. {{If cloture is not invoked, a motion to reconsider the vote would be considered made and the agreement relating to the amendments with respect to hate crimes would be null and void. If cloture is invoked upon reconsideration, the remaining amendments not disposed of prior to the cloture vote would remain in order.}}
  • The only other amendments in order on the subject of hate crimes are the following amendments:
  • Leahy or designee alternative to Sessions death penalty
  • Sessions amendment re: death penalty
  • Sessions amendment re: service members
  • Sessions amendment re: attorney general regulations
  • The debate on any amendment listed above (Leahy and Sessions amendments) is limited to 40 minutes each prior to a vote in relation to the amendment, with the time equally divided and controlled between the two leaders or their designees.
  • Further, if there is a sequence of any votes, any subsequent votes after the first vote would be 10 minutes in duration.
  • The next first degree amendment in order to the bill upon disposition of the Hate Crime amendments is a Republican amendment, with no second degree amendment in order tonight. Under the agreement, the amendment would be offered tonight and the debate would commence on the amendment when the Senate resumes consideration of the bill on Monday, following disposition of the Leahy alternative and Sessions amendments. We expect to begin voting in relation to those amendments around 3pm on Monday.
  • Upon disposition of the Republican amendment, Senator Levin will offer the Levin-McCain amendment relating to F-22. Debate on the F-22 amendment will be limited to 2 hours prior to a vote on the amendment. No second degree amendments are in order to the F-22 amendment prior to a vote.
  • Senator Thune offered amendment #1618 (conceal carry)
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