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October 2009
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Day October 6, 2009

Senate Roll Call Vote #00306

On the Nomination: Nomination of Thomas E. Perez, of Maryland, to be an Assistant Attorney GeneralResult: Confirmed (72-22, 6 members not voting, 1/2 threshold)Details: [click here]


Reid Statement On White House Meeting To Discuss Afghanistan

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after his White House meeting to discuss U.S. strategy in Afghanistan with the President: “We had a very productive meeting with the President today in assessing a comprehensive strategy in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan-Pakistan border is the single most active terrorist haven in the world,…


Reid Statement On Confirmation Of Thomas Perez

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after the Senate voted to confirm Thomas Perez as Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice: “As a former elected official, former state appointee, esteemed scholar and former trial attorney with the Civil Rights Division itself, Thomas Perez…


Reid Statement On Growing Outside-The-Beltway Republican Support For Health Insurance Reform

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to the support for health insurance reform coming from outside the Beltway Republicans:   “I am encouraged that Gov. Schwarzenegger along with former Republican leaders like Sen. Frist, Sen. Dole and Secretary Thompson are putting policy over partisanship. These voices…


Senadores Menéndez, Boxer y Bingaman Dialogan con Hispanos de Edad Avanzada sobre la Reforma a los Seguros Médicos

Washington, DC – Los Senadores Robert Menéndez (D-NJ), Barbara Boxer (D-CA) y Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) hoy se reunieron con grupos que representan hispanos de edad avanzada en todo el país para explicarles cómo la reforma a los seguros médicos beneficiará este sector de la población. También aclararon los mitos relacionados a la reforma y cómo…


Smarter, Stronger, More Effective Ballistic Missile Defense

Last month, President Obama announced his approval of the unanimous recommendation of Secretary of Defense Gates, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Administration’s national security team, for a “phased, adaptive approach” to U.S. missile defense in Europe.  The recommendation calls for a decisive shift from the previous Administration’S.2007 plan to reflect revised assessments of…


Reid Sobre la Confirmación de Thomas Perez

Washington, DC – El Líder de la Mayoría del Senado Harry Reid hoy hizo la siguiente declaración después de que el Senado confirmará a Thomas Perez como Fiscal General Adjunto en la División de Derechos Civiles. Después de que los republicanos bloquearan la nominación de Perez durante seis meses, Reid se vio obligado a usar…


In SDCC Videos, Doctors And Nurses Discuss The Need For Health Insurance Reform

Washington, DC— Today the Senate Democratic Communications Center (SDCC) released three videos featuring doctors and nurses speaking out about the challenges they face with our current health insurance system.  In the videos, health care professionals discuss the long-term consequences of inaction, the need for preventive care to make sure patients are treated before they get…


Senate Floor Schedule For Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Senate will convene at 10:00am and will proceed to Executive Session to consider the nomination of Thomas Perez, to be an Assistant Attorney General. 12:15pm Roll Call Vote on confirmation of the nomination of Thomas Perez to be an Assistant Attorney General. The Senate will then recess until 2:15pm to allow for the weekly…