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Day January 19, 2011

China Trade

Over the last two decades, the manufacturing base of the United States has shed hundreds of thousands of jobs in states across the country.  A bipartisan and ideologically diverse group of economists have suggested that this is in large part due to unfair trade practices, substantially on the part of the Chinese.  These practices range…


“Pointless,” Phony,” “Divisive,” “Nonsense,” “Stunt,” “Charade”: Outside The Beltway Editorials Nationwide Call On Republicans To Stop Political Stunts

Editorial pages across America recognize today’s attempt by Republicans to re-open the donut hole and take away small business tax breaks for what it is: a “pointless,” “divisive,”“political stunt.” Republicans should drop the “charade” and work with Democrats on common-sense solutions to create jobs and strengthen the middle class. Charleston Gazette: The Charade of Undoing Health Reform.  “Today, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives…


In Their Words: Republicans Said Focus On Jobs, Not Health Care

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ICYMI: Manufacturing The “Shining Star of This Recovery”

Key point: “After a steep slump during the recession, manufacturing is ‘the shining star of this recovery,’ says Thomas Runiewicz, an economist at IHS. …  A new tax break, approved by Congress in December, is expected to further stimulate investment by letting companies deduct from taxable income 100% of certain types of investments in 2011.”…