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January 2011
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Day January 24, 2011

Reid Spokesman Responds To Positive Economic News, Record Justice Department Recovery Of Taxpayer Funds

Washington, D.C.—Jon Summers, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement on the news that 42 percent of businesses plan to hire in the next six months, nine out of 10 economists are more optimistic for 2011 than they were three months ago and the Justice Department recovered a record $4 billion in…


ICYMI: Top Senate Republican On Ryan’s Roadmap To End Social Security: “His Whole Plan And Approach Is Fabulous”

On ABC’s Topline a few minutes ago, Sen. Sessions said of Rep. Ryan’s plan to end Social Security as we know it, “his whole plan and approach is fabulous.” Sen. Sessions is the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, making Ryan’s roadmap a plan that has now been endorsed by the House Majority Leader…


Reid Spokesman: Republicans Endorse Ryan’s Roadmap To End Social Security And Medicare

“In an unsettling development for America’s seniors, ending Social Security and Medicare is now the official position of the Republican Party. Republicans tapped Rep. Ryan, the architect of a plan to end Social Security and Medicare, to deliver their response to the President’s State of the Union, and his plan has been endorsed by the House…


ICYMI: Cantor: Roadmap To Privatizing Social Security Is “Something We Need to Embrace”

Yesterday on “Meet the Press,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told host David Gregory that the “roadmap” to privatizing Social Security devised by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan is “something we need to embrace.” WATCH the video here. Transcript:                                                                                    MR. GREGORY:  How about–and the irony of Paul Ryan being introduced, the budget chairman, and he’s doing…