Senate Democrats

Senate Floor Schedule For Tuesday, February 08, 2011

  • Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will resume consideration of S.223, the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act.
  • The following amendments are pending to S.223:
  • Wicker amendment #14, as modified (Excludes TSA from collective bargaining)
  • Blunt amendment #5 (private screening company)
  • Paul #21 (reduce authorization for FAA to FY2008 levels)
  • Wyden #27 (increase test sites for unmanned aerial vehicles)
  • Inhofe amendment #6 (liability protection to volunteer pilots)
  • Inhofe amendment #7 (flight time limitations/rest requirements)
  • Ensign amendment #32 (military remotely piloted aerial systems)
  • McCain amendment #4 (Essential Air Service)
  • Leahy amendment #50 (liability protection for volunteer pilots)
  • Reid amendment #54 (noise buffering)
  • Reid #55 (Convey federal land to Mesquite, NV)
  • Udall (NM) #49 (Dona Ana County airport)
  • Udall (NM) #51 (Advanced Imaging Technology)
  • Nelson (NE) #58 (criminal penalties for distribution of airport screening x-rays)
  • Paul amendment #18 (Memorandum of understanding re: OSHA)
  • At 10:20am, there will be 10 minutes for debate prior to a vote in relation to the Nelson (FL) amendment #34 (NASA).
  • Senators should expect a roll call vote at approximately 10:30am in relation to the Nelson (FL) amendment #34 (NASA) to S.223, FAA Authorization.
  • That will be the only roll call vote of the day.
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