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Day March 7, 2011

Republican Myths about the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Jobs

In their efforts to repeal and defund the Affordable Care Act, Republicans continue to make false claims about the impact of the law on federal and state budgets, the economy, and our current health care system.  They ignore nonpartisan analysis from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and other independent experts and instead concoct arguments based…


How It’s Playing: Local Coverage Across The Country Slams Republicans’ Reckless Spending Bill

Local papers from coast to coast are exposing the devastating impact the GOP’s extreme spending plan would have on their communities.  Republicans should get outside of the Beltway and listen to what the voices back home are demanding: a budget that strengthens, rather than cripples, our local economies. WEST Billings Gazette Editorial: Congress must fund…


Reid Hires Senior Advisor To Focus On Diversity Hiring

Washington, DC— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced today that Maria Meier has joined his staff as Senior Advisor for Human Resources to run the Senate's diversity hiring initiative. Meier has been actively involved with efforts to recruit diverse candidates for a range of positions on the Hill and in the Administration, a task she will continue to…


Republicans Should Come to the Table with Something New, Not A Bill That Cuts 700K Jobs

FRAME: In the spirit of compromise, Democrats came to the table last week with a serious offer that cuts $51 billion from the budget, while protecting jobs. So far, Republicans have refused to budge from their extreme proposal that would destroy hundreds of thousands of American jobs all across the country while making Americans less…


Reid: Reckless Republican Budget Would Fire Thousands Of Nevadans

Washington, DC—Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following remarks today on Republicans’ extreme budget proposal. Below are his remarks as prepared for delivery: “Budgets and votes have something very important in common: at their heart, both require and reflect tough choices. “Tomorrow we hope the Senate will vote on the Republican response to the President’s…