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March 2011
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Day March 22, 2011

Senators Call On Smartphone Makers To Remove Apps That Help Drunk Drivers Evade Police

Numerous Applications For iPhone, iPad, Android And Blackberry Help Drivers Identify Where Local Police Officers Have Set Up DUI Checkpoints – Allowing Intoxicated Drivers To Avoid Them With More Than 10,000 Americans Dying In Drunk Driving-Related Crashes Each Year, Senators Urge Smartphone Providers To Remove Dangerous Apps From Devices WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senators Harry…


With Gas Prices Rising, Senate Democrats Urge Mcconnell, Boehner To Abandon Plans To Gut Oil Speculation Watchdog

With Excessive Oil Speculation Driving Up Gas Prices, Democratic Senators Oppose GOP Efforts To Scale Back Enforcement of Oil Market Manipulation Republican Budget Would Also Decimate Investments In Clean Energy, Making America More Reliant On Oil From Unstable Regions Of The World Democrats Release New Web Video Compilation Of Independent Experts Explaining How Excessive Speculation…