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Day May 20, 2011

Republicans Continue To Face Backlash At Home Over Their Plan To End Medicare

Associated Press: Protesters Greet Paul Ryan in Chicago. “Dozens of protesters carrying signs and chanting ‘Tax the rich’ marched outside a hotel in downtown Chicago to protest a speech by Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. Ryan is the architect of the Republican budget plan, which includes a controversial proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher program.…


DPCC Releases National And State-By-State Data Revealing The Devastating Impact Of GOP’s Medicare- Ending Budget On Seniors’ Health Care Costs And Private Sector Jobs

Republican Budget Will Eliminate More Than 2 Million Private Sector Jobs and Force Seniors to Pay $6,359 More For Health Care – More Than Doubling Their Annual Costs From Day One, Republicans’ Reckless Plan Will Force Millions of Seniors to Pay More for Prescription Drugs and Wellness Visits New Interactive State-by-State Map, With Data, Can…


JEC State-By-State Analysis Shows That The Republican Budget Will More Than Double What Older Americans Have To Pay For Health Care In Every State

Washington, DC – A new state-by-state analysis by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee (JEC) finds that in each state in the country, out-of-pocket health care costs will more than double for residents turning 65 in 2022 under the Republican budget plan passed by House Republicans in April. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated…