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Updated Polling Round Up: American Public Strongly Opposes The GOP Plan To End Medicare

So Far In the Month of June , Five Different Polls, All Showing The Same Thing: The American Public Strongly Opposes the GOP Plan to End Medicare

CBS News Poll:

  • Support for the Republican Medicare plan: Continue as it is now: 58% Change to a payment program (Republican Plan): 31%
  • Among independents 58% percent oppose the GOP plan while less than half (43%) of Republicans support it.

Washington Post/ABC News Poll:

  • Who do you trust to do a better job protecting the Medicare system? Obama: 49%  Congressional Republicans: 35%
  • Support for the Republican Medicare plan: Oppose: 49%  Support: 32%

CNN Poll:

  • Support for Republican Medicare plan:  Oppose 58%  Support 35%
  • Opposition to Republican Medicare plan among seniors: 74%

Reuters Poll:

  • Support for Republican Medicare plan:  Oppose: 43%  Support: 37%

Pew Poll:

  • Among those 50 and older opposition to the Republican Medicare plan is 51% with 42% strongly opposed


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