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Day December 20, 2011

Boehner’s So-Called ‘Conferees’ Are Opponents Of Payroll Tax Cut

Speaker’s Picks Prove Call for Further ‘Negotiations’ Is a Sham In case it wasn’t already clear that the House GOP’s call for a “conference committee” was simply a ploy to bury the payroll tax cut, just look at who Speaker Boehner has selected to “negotiate” for the House GOP. It’s a veritable “who’s who” of…


Minutes Apart, Cantor and Boehner Claimed That They’ve Always Wanted A Full Year Extension

Cantor: “John Boehner and I have always been together in saying we want a year’s worth of tax relief for the working people in this country.”  [MSNBC, 12/20/11] Boehner: “There’s no disagreement here.  There’s no disagreement at all.  About the fact that everyone wants to extend this for the next year.”  [Boehner Floor Speech, 12/20/11]…


Reid: “Unconscionable” for Speaker Boehner to Block Bipartisan Compromise That Would Protect Middle

Washington, D.C. — Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement today. “It is unconscionable that Speaker Boehner is blocking a bipartisan compromise that would protect middle-class families from the tax hike looming on January 1st – a compromise that Senator McConnell and I negotiated at Speaker Boehner’s own request. First Senator McConnell would not…