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December 2011
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Day December 22, 2011

Statement by Senator Harry Reid on House Agreement to Pass Senate’s Bipartisan Compromise

“I am grateful that the voices of reason have prevailed and Speaker Boehner has agreed to pass the Senate’s bipartisan compromise. Year-long extensions of the payroll tax cut, unemployment insurance and Medicare payments for physicians has always been our goal, and Democrats will not rest until we have passed them. But there remain important differences…


Senate GOP to House GOP: “You’re On Your Own”

“After defiantly rejecting a Senate compromise to extend a payroll tax break and jobless pay, Speaker John A. Boehner stood before the television cameras on Tuesday enveloped by scores of House Republicans. Even as a group, they seemed very much alone.”  [New York Times, 12/21/11] Nevertheless, they may have just suffered the worst 24-hour news…