Senate Democrats

Vote sequence for Wednesday

We expect to begin voting at 11:15am tomorrow. The first vote will be on the motion to proceed to Inhofe’s resolution of disapproval to be followed by votes in relation to the remaining amendments in order to the Farm bill and on passage of the bill.  If we have to vote on all the amendments, there would be up to 47 roll call votes in this series. I again noted the amendments we could consider by voice vote, but there are only 9 amendments on that list.  Senators should expect a long day of voting tomorrow.


The vote sequence is as follows:


– Motion to proceed to S.J.Res.37, a joint resolution disapproving a rule promulgated by the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency relating to emission standards for certain steam generating units

If the motion to proceed is not agreed to, the Senate will resume the Farm bill and proceed to vote in relation to the following items:

Manchin #2345 (dietary study) (possible voice vote);

- DeMint #2273 (broadband);


Merkley #2382 (organic crop insurance);

- Coburn #2289 (MAP);


Schumer #2427 (acer);

- Coburn #2293 (Limit Millionaires);


–  Stabenow #2453 (NAP);

- Kerry #2454 (North Korea);

- Kyl #2354 (North Korea);


– Udall(CO) #2295 (bark beetle);

- Lee #2313 (Forest Legacy);


Warner #2457 (rural broadband);

- Lee #2314 (CSP/CRP cut);


Wyden #2442 (microloans);

- Boozman #2355 (Ag research, law info) (possible voice vote);


Wyden #2388 (farm to school);

- Boozman #2360 (TEFAP)


Leahy #2204 (rural development);

- Toomey #2226 (energy title);


– Nelson(NE) #2242 (rural housing) (possible voice vote);

- Toomey #2433 (sugar);        


Klobuchar #2299 (transportation study) (possible voice vote);

- Lee Motion to Recommit (FY 2008 levels);


Carper #2287 (poultry feed research) (possible voice vote);

- Johnson(WI) Motion to Recommit (Nutrition/Agriculture titles);


Sanders #2254 (biomass);

- Chambliss #2438 (conservation crop insurance);


Thune #2437 (crop insurance);

– Durbin-Coburn #2439 (crop insurance);

- Chambliss #2340 (sugar);


- Chambliss #2432 (FMPP);

- Ayotte #2195 (GAO crop insurance fraud report) (possible voice vote);


                                    – Blunt #2246 (veterans) (possible voice vote);

- Moran #2403 (food aid);


                                    – Moran #2443 (beginning farmers) (possible voice vote);

- Vitter #2363 (pets) (possible voice vote);


                                    – Toomey #2247 (paperwork) (60-vote threshold);

- Sanders #2310 (genetically engineered food) (60-vote threshold);


- Coburn #2214 (convention funding) (60-vote threshold);

- Boxer #2456 (aerial inspections) (60-vote threshold);

- Johanns #2372 (aerial inspections) (60-vote threshold);


- Murray # 2455(sequestration) (60-vote threshold);

- McCain #2162 (Sequestration report – DoD) (60-vote threshold);


- Rubio #2166 (RAISE Act) (60-vote threshold);


– Bennet-Crapo amendment #2202 (improve agricultural land easements) (expect voice vote); and

- Passage of S.3240, as amended.

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