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ICYMI: Polling Update

Washington Post/ABC Poll: 64% Oppose Ryan Medicare Plan. Asked “Under Ryan’s Medicare plan, starting in 10 years people no longer would receive specific Medicare benefits when they turn 65. Instead they would receive a credit for money that they could use to buy insurance, either from the private market or from the government. How do you feel about this proposal to restructure Medicare – would you say you support it strongly, support it somewhat, oppose it somewhat or oppose it strongly,” 64% opposed the Ryan Medicare plan with 43% opposing it strongly. Only 31% supported the Ryan Medicare plan and only 11% supported the Ryan Medicare plan strongly.  [Washington Post/ABC Poll, 8/27/12]


Washington Post/ABC Poll: 60% Say Romney Would Do More to Favor the Wealthy.Asked “as president do you think Romney would do more to favor the (middle class) or more to favor the (wealthy),” 60% said that Romney would do more to favor the wealthywhile only 30% said Romney would do more to favor the middle class. [Washington Post/ABC Poll, 8/27/12]

  • Pew Research Center Poll: 71% Believe Romney Policies Benefit the Wealthy Over Middle Class And Poor. “More than six-in-ten Americans (63%) say the GOP favors the rich over the middle class and poor, and 71% believe the policies of a President Mitt Romney would be good for wealthy people. Much smaller shares say the same about the Democratic Party (20%) and the policies of President Barack Obama in a second term (37%).” [Pew, 8/27/12]

Washington Post/ABC Poll: Americans Prefer Roads and Bridges to Cutting Taxes.Asked “what do you think is a better way for the government to try to create jobs – (by cutting taxes); or (by spending money on projects like roads, bridges and technology development),” 52% supported spending on projects like roads, bridges and technology development while only 33% supported cutting taxes. [Washington Post/ABC Poll, 8/27/12]


Washington Post/ABC Poll: 56% See Unfairness as A Bigger Problem Than Over-Regulation.  Asked “what do you think is the bigger problem in this country – (unfairness in the economic system that favors the wealthy), or (over-regulation of the free market that interferes with growth and prosperity,” 56% said unfairness is the bigger problem while only 34% said over-regulation is a bigger problem. [Washington Post/ABC Poll, 8/27/12]


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