Senate Democrats

Votes moved to 11:30am, 2 votes at 2:15pm, Leahy amendment modified

The previously scheduled series of votes will now begin at 11:30am. Upon disposition of the Coburn amendment #15, the Senate will recess until 2:15pm for the weekly caucus meetings.  At 2:15pm, the Senate will resume the voting sequence. All votes after the vote on the Leahy amendment will be 10 minutes in duration, including the two votes at 2:15pm. The Leahy amendment #21 was modified. Text of the modification and a summary of the amendment, as modified, is attached to this email.



-          Leahy amendment #21, as modified (human trafficking);

-          Portman amendment #10 (sex trafficking);

-          Murkowski amendment #11 (tribal protections);

-          Coburn amendment #15 (consolidate DOJ rape programs);


Recess until 2:15 for caucus meetings



-          Coburn amendment #16 (notice to victims);

-          Passage of S.47, VAWA, as amended, if amended.

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