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Reid Statement on Farm Bill

  Washington, D.C.–Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following the House Republican leadership’s failure to pass a farm bill. “On nearly every major issue, the House has rightly accepted the bipartisan work of the Senate. Speaker Boehner should take the same commendable approach now, and do the right thing for farmers and Americans who rely…


House GOP Heads For Exits, Leaving Farm Bill ‘To Die On Vine’

GOP Lawmakers Take More Hits At Home After Boehner Pulls Plug On Key Priority  BOEHNER OFFICIALLY ‘PUNTS’ ON FARM BILL CNN: House GOP Punts On Farm Bill. “House Republican leaders announced Thursday they will not take action on a new farm bill until after the November elections — a sign of sharp internal GOP divisions on…


Across Country, House GOP Feels Heat Over Stalled Farm Bill

Bloomberg: Republicans Help Senate’s Democrats by Delaying Farm Help … Omaha World-Herald: “Farm Bill Pits GOP Against Each Other” … Des Moines Register: “GOP Leaders Shy Away From New Farm Bill” HOUSE GOP STILL IN CHAOS … BuzzFeed: On Farm Bill, “GOP Remains No Closer” To Resolving Internal Dispute.“Despite months of negotiations amongst House Republicans over the $1.2 trillion…


House GOP Leaders Face Mutiny Over Stalled Farm Bill

BuzzFeed: ‘Republican Infighting Threatens Aid To Farmers’ …Politico: ‘GOP Infighting As Farm Bill Suffers’ ‘INTRA-PARTY WAR’ ENSUES AS DEADLINE LOOMS FOR ACTION ON FARM BILL … Buzzfeed: “Intraparty War Between Farm-State Republicans And Fiscal Conservatives.” “Congress is poised to leave thousands of drought-stricken farmers without critical federal assistance, due to an intraparty war between farm-state Republicans and fiscal conservatives…


Party Split Causes House GOP To Abandon U.S. Farmers

BOEHNER CALLS OFF VOTE ON ONE-YEAR FARM BILL AFTER ANOTHER GOP MUTINY … AP: Republicans Pull Farm Bill “Amid Continued Resistance from Many Conservatives…” “But GOP leaders pulled that measure from Wednesday’s floor schedule amid continued resistance from many conservatives and after Democrats announced opposition to the measure.” [AP, 8/1/12] Politico: Boehner Has Blocked the Farm Bill “For…


Reid: Agriculture Bill Will Create Jobs, Cut Subsidies

America’s Agriculture Industry Supports 16 Million Much-Needed Jobs Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor today regarding the Agriculture Jobs Bill. Below are his remarks as prepared for delivery: At a time when too many of the products we buy are made overseas, America can be satisfied so much of…