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Reid Floor Remarks On The Reauthorization Of The Violence Against Women Act

“Despite the overwhelming evidence that [the Violence Against Women Act] saves lives and protects women, House Republicans used every procedural trick in the book to block its reauthorization last Congress.” “Allowing partisan delays to put women’s lives at risk is simply shameful.” “Full reauthorization of the law is necessary to ensure authorities have all the…


Senators: Increasing Thefts Of Medical Products Fueling Drug Addiction And Black Markets For Medication — Lawmakers Announce Detailed Plan To Crack Down On Dangerous And Sophisticated Drug Theft Rings

Theft Of Prescription Drugs Fuels Crime Throughout Country, Endangers Patients Who Unknowingly Use Black Market Medication In Hospitals And Doctors Offices, Exposes Newborns To Harm And Puts Illegal Drugs On The Street  With Theft Of Prescription Drugs From Cargo Trucks And Warehouses Up 350% And Armed Robberies Of Pharmacies At An All Time High, Senators…