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VIDEO: Senate Passes Bipartisanship Deal to Fund FEMA, Avoid Government Shutdown

Last night, the Senate forged a bipartisan agreement to fund FEMA, save 45,000 jobs, and prevent an unnecessary government shutdown. The bill received bipartisan support, with twenty-six Republicans joining Democrats to approve funding through November 18th for the agency tasked with helping thousands of Americans recover from earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.…


Reid: Disaster Relief Should Be Immune To Partisan Posturing

Delays to FEMA Funding, Threats of Government Shutdown Must End Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding FEMA funding for victims of natural disasters. Below are his remarks as prepared for delivery: Two weeks ago the Senate passed a bipartisan bill to fund the Federal…


Reid: House Bill Is Not An Honest Effort At Compromise And Will Be Rejected By The Senate

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement tonight regarding the plans by the House of Representatives to vote on a Continuing Resolution that shortchanges the Federal Emergency Management Agency: “The bill the House will vote on tonight is not an honest effort at compromise. It fails to provide the relief that…


Two GOP Senators: House GOP Disaster Aid Package Is ‘Not Enough’

BLUNT, COLLINS ADMIT HOUSE PACKAGE SHORTCHANGES DISASTER VICTIMS BUT WILL THEY STICK WITH LARGER SENATE PACKAGE THEY VOTED FOR JUST LAST WEEK? Blunt and Collins Said House Disaster Aid Proposal Was Not Enough. “Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Roy Blunt of Missouri said they are reviewing what the House will pass Wednesday and what…