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Bipartisan US Senate Delegation Returns From China

Delegation Held Week of High-Level Meetings on International Security, Economy, Human Rights, Clean Energy 10 Senators Represented More Than 100 Million Americans, 1/3 of US Population Washington, DC–A bipartisan delegation of 10 United States Senators returned home Monday night following a week’s worth of meetings with high-level Chinese government officials, business leaders, U.S. Foreign Service…


Historic Congressional Delegation Meets With Top Chinese Leaders, US Ambassador To China

Senators’ Meetings With China’s Vice Premier, Foreign Minister And Bank President Center On Global Security, Trade, Currency, And Human Rights Beijing, China – An historic delegation of ten United States Senators, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, met today with Wang Qishan, Vice Premier of China, Yang Jiechi, China’s Foreign Minister, and Zhou…


Senate Delegation Arrives In Hong Kong

Washington, D.C. – Today a congressional delegation of 10 senators  arrived in Hong Kong and will be taking a week-long, informational trip throughout China. Led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the groups also includes Senators Richard Shelby, Barbara Boxer, Dick Durbin, Mike Enzi, Chuck Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, Johnny Isakson, Jeff Merkley and Michael Bennet. The group will also…


New START Treaty – Key Facts

Overview: On April 8, 2010, following a year of intense negotiations, Presidents Obama and Medvedev signed the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START). The New START Treaty replaces the 1991 START Treaty which expired on 12/5/09. New START limits the number of strategic offensive arms of the US and Russia (within seven years of the…


New START Treaty – Main Issues

No United States inspections of Russian nuclear facilities have taken place in a year, threatening our national security. The U.S. has not conducted a single on-the-ground inspection of a Russian nuclear facility since START expired on December 5, 2009. Without American inspectors verifying Russia’s nuclear weapons, our insight into Russia’s arsenal is limited and our…


The New START Treaty: Myths and Facts

There is broad, bipartisan support among national security experts and political leaders in favor of ratifying the New START Treaty with Russia.  The New START Treaty limiting the U.S. and Russia’s Cold War-era nuclear arsenals is considered critical for maintaining strategic stability in our relations, enhancing the global nonproliferation regime, and, in effect, advancing U.S.…