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With Gas Prices Rising, Senate Democrats Urge Mcconnell, Boehner To Abandon Plans To Gut Oil Speculation Watchdog

With Excessive Oil Speculation Driving Up Gas Prices, Democratic Senators Oppose GOP Efforts To Scale Back Enforcement of Oil Market Manipulation Republican Budget Would Also Decimate Investments In Clean Energy, Making America More Reliant On Oil From Unstable Regions Of The World Democrats Release New Web Video Compilation Of Independent Experts Explaining How Excessive Speculation…


DPCC Memo: Myths vs. Facts On Gas Prices

Despite Republican attempts to change the facts, the truth is that domestic oil production has increased under the Obama Administration. Facts that Republicans are conveniently ignoring? (1) The Republican spending proposal takes a third of the cops policing the oil markets off the beat, making it more likely that speculators will drive up prices; and…