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Republicans Pushing Obamacare Shutdown Ultimatum Face Backlash From… Other Republicans

REPUBLICANS PUSH GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN OVER OBAMACARE “Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) will unveil a letter on Thursday, signed by an undisclosed number of colleagues, promising to vote down the next continuing resolution if it funds ACA implementation. The current funding measure runs out Sept. 30. Unless Congress passes a new funding measure by that date, the government…


Across Country, House GOP Feels Heat Over Stalled Farm Bill

Bloomberg: Republicans Help Senate’s Democrats by Delaying Farm Help … Omaha World-Herald: “Farm Bill Pits GOP Against Each Other” … Des Moines Register: “GOP Leaders Shy Away From New Farm Bill” HOUSE GOP STILL IN CHAOS … BuzzFeed: On Farm Bill, “GOP Remains No Closer” To Resolving Internal Dispute.“Despite months of negotiations amongst House Republicans over the $1.2 trillion…


The Next Casualty of Eric Cantor’s Senioritis?

Remember This?  Eric Cantor: Congress goes from policy to politicking “And on Tuesday, Cantor all but predicted 2012 substantively over. The Senate isn’t passing spending bills and is not talking about working to blunt the automatic defense cuts. The two sides remain too far apart on taxes and entitlements. The rest of the year, Cantor…


Papers Across the Country Agree: House GOP Brinkmanship Risks Jan. 1st Tax Hike on Middle Class

Newspapers On House GOP: “Disingenuous,” “Hypocritical,” Offering Taxpayers “A Lump Of Coal,” and are “Playing A Dangerous Game Of Brinksmanship” The Citizens’ Voice, Wilkes-Barre, PA Denver Post Editorial: House Republicans “Disingenuous” Rejection of Payroll Tax Cut Extension. “as if to explain the reason for the poll numbers, House Republicans have just blocked a bipartisan Senate…