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Schumer: Cantor “Flat Out Wrong” For Wanting To Cut Social Security Benefits

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer issued the following statement today in response to Majority Leader Cantor’s statement that “It is very difficult to balance the budget in the next 10 years without cutting seniors’ benefits now”: “Rep. Cantor’s claim that we need to cut seniors’ Social Security checks today to balance the…


Reid: Time For Republicans To Join Us At The Table With A Responsible Proposal That Looks At Every Aspect Of The Budget

Washington, D.C.—Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement regarding today’s defeat of HR1, Republicans’ reckless budget plan: “We have said from day one that Republicans’ reckless spending plan is a non-starter because it would destroy 700,000 American jobs, weaken our border security and slash housing for homeless veterans. Now that it has been defeated,…


Fact Sheet: House Republicans’ CR Slashes Investments in Jobs, Security and Education

Slashes Funding for Social Security Administration, Meaning Delays for Seniors and Disabled Americans Awaiting Benefits. The House bill cut funding for the Social Security Administration, meaning half a million Americans who are legally entitled to benefits and would otherwise have received them will instead be waiting for them. Slashes Title I Education Funding, Putting 1…


Schumer: Republican Plan To Privatize Social Security, Medicare DOA

Washington, DC—Senator Charles E. Schumer made the following statement today regarding Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to eliminate Social Security and Medicare as we know them: “If Paul Ryan’s Roadmap is any indication, the House Republicans’ idea of entitlement reform will be privatizing Social Security and turning Medicare into a voucher system. Any such plans will…