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Reid Remarks On International Discussions With Syria

“It is right and proper that President Obama be given the opportunity to meet with Senators from both… And it is appropriate to allow international discussions aimed at avoiding this military action to continue.”  “Our credible threat of force has made these diplomatic discussions with Syria possible. The United States should not withdraw that threat.” …


Reid Remarks On Syrian Regime’s Use Of Chemical Weapons

“The well-documented use of these toxic [chemicals] by President Bashar al-Assad’s regime is a certain violation of the overwhelming international consensus forged against these weapons nearly 10 decades past. It is also a clear violation of human decency.” “This week the United States Senate will further examine the evidence proving the viciousness of the attacks…


Reid Floor Remarks On Violence In Syria, Republican Obstruction Of Brennan Nomination

“President Assad should understand the world is watching his every action. And we will not tolerate his unforgiveable slaughter of innocent civilians, including through the potential future use of chemical weapons.” “[John Brennan’s] extensive intelligence background and executive experience uniquely qualify him to lead the Central Intelligence Agency.” “Unfortunately, the confirmation process has focused too…