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Fact Check: Senator Hatch Wrongly Suggests Aid For Displaced Workers Lacks Bipartisan Support

MOMENTS AGO ON THE FLOOR, SENATOR HATCH CALLED BIPARTISAN SUPPORT FOR TRADE ADJUSTMENT ASSISTANCE A “MYTH”…   Sen. Hatch Called TAA “Ineffective Program” “Now, if that is the case, I can’t understand why we would expand this ineffective program.” [Floor Remarks, 9/20/11]   Sen Hatch: TAA Has “Always Been” Controversial, “Myth” of Strong Bipartisan Support.…


China Trade

Over the last two decades, the manufacturing base of the United States has shed hundreds of thousands of jobs in states across the country.  A bipartisan and ideologically diverse group of economists have suggested that this is in large part due to unfair trade practices, substantially on the part of the Chinese.  These practices range…