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In Floor Speech, Schumer Tells House GOP: Norquist Has Given Permission To Let Millionaire Tax Breaks Expire In Debt Deal

In Major Development, Anti-Tax Crusader Says Letting Bush Tax Breaks Lapse Does Not Count As Tax Hike Schumer: This Is A Coded Message From Norquist To GOP Hardliners Who Are Opposing Any Deal That Includes Revenues That They Should Relent In Order To Avert Default WASHINGTON, DC—U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) today called on…


Video: Democrats Preview the Week Ahead in Congress

Senate Democratic leaders have invited President Obama and Vice President Biden to Capitol Hill next week to move deficit-reduction talks forward. Progress will depend on Republicans’ willingness to end tax breaks for the wealthy. “The main obstacle to finding common ground is Republicans’ stubborn insistence on protecting taxpayer-funded giveaways to corporations and individuals who don’t…