Senate Democrats

Schumer To Boost Spam Bill On Senate Floor

“Any spam measure that comes out of Congress needs to go after spam as aggressively as spammers go after the public. Congratulations to Senators Burns and Wyden on a good and important first step, but I’d like to see an even stronger measure that empowers email users with the ability to keep spam out of their in-boxes and has stronger punitive measures. I am going to offer my legislation as an amendment to Burns-Wyden when it hits the Senate floor.”

Schumer’s Stop Pornography and Abusive Marketing Act (The SPAM Act) would establish costly fines for spamming activity, mandate jail time for repeat offenders, and create a “Do-Not-Spam” list of e-mail addresses similar to the FTC’s new “Do-Not-Call” registry that has succeeded in a number of states in virtually eliminating unwanted telemarketing calls. The bill would also make it a crime to harvest e-mail addresses, eliminating the most common technique spammers use to compile address lists. It would require commercial email to be labeled with “ADV” to permit filtering and institute other anti-fraud measures that would help email filters separate spam from personal or business-related email and clamp down on deceptive information that the FTC estimates is present in 66% of all junk e-mail.

Schumer’s bill is being cosponsored by Senator Lindey Gramm and has been endorsed by the Christian Coalition.