Senate Democrats

President Signs Legislation That Includes Schumer’s No-Spam Registry

Schumer provision is the centerpiece of the first federal email spam bill

Schumer led effort to create no-spam registry comparable to the

federal “do-not-call” list; Polls show 3 in 4 Americans want a no-spam registry

President Bush today signed anti-spam legislation authorizing the FTC to create a no-spam email registry modeled after US Senator Charles E. Schumer’s legislation. Schumer’s registry bill was included in the CAN SPAM bill that also imposes criminal penalties and fines on repeat spammers.  Schumer issued the following statement today:

“This bill signing marks a turning point in our battle against spam. For the first time there are criminal penalties and teeth to the law. We will be vigilant to make sure that the no-spam registry is adopted by the FTC and if they refuse, we believe Congress will move the legislation forward.

“The public will finally get some help in what up to now has been a lonely fight of individuals and companies fighting the scourge of spam.”

The bill requires the FTC to deliver a plan to Congress for creating a no-spam registry within six months and authorizes it to implement the plan within 9 months.  The public support for a no-spam registry is overwhelming and the FTC has already said it is technologically possible. Email spam is any form of unsolicited email that users receive from commercial sources. The most common forms of spam include advertisements for online gambling services, pornography, herbal remedies or financial schemes, many of which are fraudulent in nature.

A national survey, conducted by UnSpam and InsightExpress, shows that 3 in 4 Americans favor a no-spam registry.  The poll also showed that parents are growing increasingly concerned about email spam infested with pornography and think a federal “no-spam” list akin to the FTC’s “Do Not Call” registry is the best way to keep obscene emails from reaching their children’s in-boxes.

Schumer’s no-spam registry approach has been endorsed by the Christian Coalition and Unspam.