Senate Democrats

Reid’s Statement on His Election and the Democratic Leadership

Las Vegas, NV — United States Senator Harry Reid release the following statement today: “Last night, I was fortunate to receive an historic and overwhelming amount of support in my re-election to the United State Senate. I am grateful to people all over the state of Nevada for their enthusiasm and response to my message of values, hard work and delivering results.

“In Nevada, I have brought together people from all walks of life and political parties and enjoyed resounding support in return. This is the same leadership I have demonstrated on the Senate floor and will bring back to the Senate as we work toward unity and progress.

“After a difficult conversation with my close friend Tom Daschle in the early morning hours, I began lining up support to become the Democratic leader. I have commitments from a majority of my colleagues who have given me their strong support.

“Earlier today, I received a call from President Bush and we discussed the need for reconciliation. I appreciate the President reaching out, and I look forward to working with him on important issues for Nevada and the nation. At the same time, I will not shirk from my responsibility to stand up and fight for Nevada values and Democratic principles.

“We have our work cut our for us. We must continuing fighting terrorism to ensure the safety and security of every American, and we must confront serious domestic problems such as affordable health care, a clean environment and access to a quality education for every American.

“I am excited for the upcoming legislative session and our new, dynamic Democratic Senate stars, Barack Obama and Ken Salazar. My leadership will not be a one man show. We are a team. There is incredible talent within the Democratic caucus and I look forward to working together on a strong, unified front to bring our caucus, our party and our country together and move forward.”