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Reid Wins More Than $70 Million For Nevada Transportation Projects

Washington, D.C. – Sen. Harry Reid has set aside approximately $71 million in the federal budget for transportation projects across the state of Nevada. The funding is part of the Omnibus Appropriations Conference Report.

“These projects will make travel safer and easier all across Nevada,” said Reid. “This funding will help us develop public transportation systems and fix highways, which will cut down on traffic jams and air pollution. We’ll improve our airports and keep working on the Hoover Dam Bypass project, which will help visitors come to our great state and contribute to our economy.”

The money in the bill will be used for new traffic control towers at Nevada’s two major airports, highway improvements, bus and rail service, and driver safety programs, among other projects. A few examples are listed below:

$10 million for work on the Hoover Dam Bypass project

$7 million for construction of new roads in the Reno area, including the Pyramid Corridor and Meadowood Mall interchanges

$5 million for improvements to Blue Diamond Highway between Valley View and Rainbow in Southern Nevada

$4 million for a new Air Traffic Control Tower at McCarran International Airport

$3 million for a new Air Traffic Control Tower at Reno/Tahoe International Airport

$1 million for the Boulder City Extension project, to build a new highway around Boulder City

$1 million for development of the California-Nevada Interstate Maglev Project, to develop a high-speed train between Southern Nevada and Southern California

$300,000 for Driver-mounted Drowsiness Detection, Warning, and Control Systems