Senate Democrats

Reid Announces Senate Democratic Leadership

WASHINGTON, D.C. -Incoming Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) today announced the Senate Democratic Leadership for the 109th Congress.

“The Democratic Party is a big tent of ideas, and the leadership team we are announcing today reflects that,” Senator Reid said. “This team encompasses the incredible talent and wide variety of views within our Caucus, and I am grateful that each of these senators has agreed to serve. As we move forward into the 109th Congress and fight to provide opportunity to all Americans, I am extremely confident in this team and pleased to present a group of such diverse skill and thought. ”

The Senate Democratic Leadership for the 109th Congress:

Robert C. ByrdAs President pro tempore emeritus, Senator Byrd will continue to provide leadership and experience gained over a lifetime of public service.

Dick Durbin, Assistant Democratic LeaderAs Assistant Democratic Leader, Senator Durbin will serve as the Democratic Leader’s key aide on and off the floor, helping to lead the Democrats’ fight for priorities such as national security, fiscal responsibility, Social Security, affordable health care and education reform.

Debbie Stabenow, Secretary of the Conference 
The third ranking member of the Democratic leadership, Secretary of the Conference Debbie Stabenow will play a critical role in helping shape and set our agenda.

Charles E. Schumer, Chairman of Campaign CommitteeSenator Schumer will serve as Chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) for the 2006 campaign cycle. In this post, he will lead an aggressive fundraising and message operation on behalf of Democratic senators running for reelection in 2006, as well as Democratic challengers in key states.

Byron L. Dorgan, Chairman of Policy CommitteeSenator Dorgan will lead a reformed and refocused Democratic Policy Committee. Under his leadership, the new organization will better meet the needs of Senate Democrats in the 21st Century, including conducting aggressive oversight investigations, holding public hearings to ensure government accountability, developing cutting edge policy ideas and establishing research and policy teams to provide real time assistance to Democratic senators.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chair of Steering and Outreach CommitteeIn the 109th Congress, the newly renamed Steering and Outreach Committee will expand its efforts to promote the Democratic Caucus’s legislative goals.  In her role as chair, Senator Clinton will conduct an active dialogue between community leaders across the country and Democratic senators on important issues facing Americans such as Social Security, access to higher education, jobs and the economy and health care.  With Senator Reid’s new Communications Center, the Steering and Outreach Committee will work to promote Democrats’ agenda and legislative priorities by organizing a range of events, communicating key information to leaders and groups and involving the public in debates and strategies concerning important issues before the Senate.

Patty Murray, Assistant Floor LeaderAs Assistant Floor Leader, Senator Murray will work closely with the Democratic Leader and Assistant Democratic Leader in ensuring Democrats present a coordinated front in the fighting for our priorities.

Paul S. Sarbanes, Chairman of Ranking Member OutreachIn the post of Chairman of Ranking Member Outreach, Senator Sarbanes will provide a voice in leadership for Ranking Members of our Caucus, who have great knowledge and experience, and ensure their important committee work is advanced in a united and consistent manner. 

Jeff Bingaman, Vice Chairman of Ranking Member OutreachAs Vice Chairman of Ranking Member Outreach, Senator Bingaman will work closely with Senator Sarbanes in helping to coordinate the committee work of the Democratic Caucus.

Blanche L. Lincoln, Chair of Rural OutreachAs chair of this new leadership position, Senator Lincoln will focus on identifying ways the Caucus can outreach to rural, suburban and exurban American communities. This new position, as well as Senator Lincoln’s appointment as chair, signifies our commitment to aggressively reach out to and communicate with rural Americans.

Barbara Boxer, Chief Deputy WhipAs Chief Deputy Whip, Senator Boxer will be responsible for managing and implementing Caucus efforts on the Senator floor. Working as the “right hand” of the Democratic Leader and Assistant Democratic Leader, Boxer will play an instrumental role in articulating, advancing and achieving the objectives of the Democratic Caucus.

Thomas R. Carper, Deputy WhipBill Nelson, Deputy WhipRussell D. Feingold, Deputy WhipServing as Deputy Whips, Senators Carper, Nelson and Feingold will play critical roles in marshalling the Caucus’s forces.