Senate Democrats

Reid, Ensign Announce Over $8 Million for State, Local Preparedness

Department of Homeland Security grant awarded

Washington, D.C. – Las Vegas will be more secure thanks to a $8,456,728 grant announced by Nevada Senators Harry Reid and John Ensign today.

The Department of Homeland Security released its Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) funding today. UASI provides additional resources to urban areas with greater security needs to fund first responders and support state and local resources necessary to prevent, respond, and recover from acts of terrorism and other disasters.

“This funding will help better train, prepare, and equip our first responders so they are able to prevent incidents and to be ready should one occur,” said Reid. “With the amount of people who both visit and reside in Las Vegas, our first responders must be ready to protect them.”

“Las Vegas’ growing population and the millions of tourists who come to this city should never be burdened with the fear of terrorism,” Ensign said. “This Homeland Security funding will provide the necessary resources to enhance our preparedness and planning and to respond to emergencies faster.”

The UASI provides additional resources to those areas with greater security needs by allocating $855 million in a formula that considers a number of factors including population and population density; critical infrastructure; threat information; formal mutual aid cooperation; and law enforcement investigations and enforcement activity.

The UASI is awarded in addition to the state Homeland Security Grant Program. In total, Nevada will receive $28,386,325 under these two programs.