Senate Democrats

Reid Statement of Women’s History Month

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement in celebration of Women’s History Month:

“In March, during Women’s History Month, we honor the women who have changed the course of American history. Whether by raising their families, defending our nation or opening businesses, women all across America play a unique role in strengthening our country and our values.

“While many take this opportunity to remember renowned women, I want to take this opportunity to honor those whose names we don’t know but who help make America a better nation every day. “I want to thank the millions of women in America who put their hearts into helping educate our children, keeping our families healthy, and helping make our economy run. They give their best, but yet, today in America, women who work full time year round still earn only 76 cents for every $1 their male counterparts earn. Democrats are committed to expanding economic opportunity and I pledge that we will continue fighting to end the pay gap, increase the minimum wage and create more opportunities for all our families. “I want to honor the entrepreneurship of American women and Democrats will continue to fight to provide small businesses relief by offering tax credits to help employers provide health coverage for their employees.

“I salute the more than 200,000 women who are serving in active duty in the military, helping defend and protect our nation. To them, I pledge that Democrats will continue fighting to provide all of our troops, both the active duty and reserve components and their families with the resources they need to protect our freedom.

“We will honor the 1.7 million women military veterans by ensuring that all veterans get access to the health care and services they need and by ensuring that no veteran is forced to choose between a retirement and a disability check.

“And as Democratic Leader in the Senate, I pledge that we will continue fighting to make health care affordable to all, particularly for children and pregnant women. We will also continue fighting to improve access to women’s health care for poor and low-income women. It is unconceivable that today in America, although women on average earn less than men, they still pay far more than men for health related expenses.

“While the accomplishments of many famous women are well-documented, there are many untold stories of women who work every day to make America stronger through their contributions in the workplace, at home or on the battlefield. Especially during Women’s History Month, I pay tribute to these women, who contribute to make our country a place of hope and a beacon of freedom.”