Senate Democrats

Reid and Pelosi Form National Security Advisory Group to Congressional Democrats

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi appointed today a high-level National Security Advisory Group to advise Congressional Democrats on key issues of America’s defense and national security policy. The Group is led by former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry. “Problems like terrorism and weapons of mass destruction pose grave challenges to our nation and to its policies, and Congress needs the most thoughtful possible advice on how to meet these challenges,” Reid stated. “Future threats will also determine the budget, structure, and deployments of U.S. armed forces at home and abroad. Although the Democratic leadership of the Congress is convening this group, we have made it clear to Dr. Perry and his colleagues that the advice we seek is advice about what America should do, not what Democrats — or Republicans — should do.”

“House Democrats are proud to work with Secretary Perry and his distinguished colleagues to make America more secure. They have demonstrated their commitment to America’s security over many years of exemplary public service. The work of Secretary Perry’s group was well-received in the previous Congress and will make a critical contribution to the work of the new Congress as well. The members will continue to enrich our debate on national security matters and to suggest effective, bipartisan solutions to the challenges we face.” “The United States faces grave threats and correspondingly grave choices,” cautioned Perry. “I am pleased to have such a distinguished group to help me try to provide constructive, forward-looking, and well-informed advice to Senator Reid, Congresswoman Pelosi, and their colleagues on America’s defense and national security issues.”