Senate Democrats

Reid Honors Black Press Week

Washington, D.C.- This week, March 16-18 marks the celebration of Black Press Week and the 65th anniversary of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) also known as the Black Press of America.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement after a productive and informative meeting with NNPA officers held this morning in the U.S. Senate:

“The NNPA represents over 200 community newspapers whose distribution reaches 15 million readers nationwide. Over the years, NNPA has remained a voice of conscience and reflection, gauging the progress and fairness of our nation’s laws and cultural values.

The community papers that make up the NNPA have also served as a forum for issues that were, and continue to be overlooked by other media venues.

“I thank the Black Press of America for continuing to call for a fair and responsible judiciary, for economic development and security, and for creating opportunity for African Americans and all Americans to succeed. I also recognize NNPA for its position as a consortium of minority-owned businesses who are community builders and leaders. In rural and urban centers across the nation, the Black Press of America, like other small business enterprises, remains an engine of growth in local economies.

I commend the NNPA and each member of the organization for its service to our nation.”