Senate Democrats

Democrats Fight for Democracy Against Republican Abuse of Power

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With Republicans in the House and Senate breaking the rules and abusing power to get their way, Democratic Congressional Leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi today urged reasonable Republicans to put an end to the partisan power grab that threatens the rights and liberties of Americans across the country.

“Over the years, the basic rules in baseball have stayed the same, and even the sport’s youngest fans know you can’t change the rules just to get your way,” said Senator Reid, referring to tomorrow’s home opener of the Washington Nationals. “But Washington Republicans don’t seem to understand this fundamental principle.”

“Here we are today with the radical right-wing Republican majority that is destroying that trust, and doesn’t want to play by the rules. In fact, this Republican majority wants to be above the law,” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said. “Republicans are engaged in an abuse of power, and the American people are paying the price at the pump, and they are paying the price at the pharmacy.”

In the House of Representatives, Tom DeLay has stripped the Ethics Committee of power, changing the rules to protect himself even as the controversy surrounding his behavior grows.

In the Senate, radical Republicans are attempting to jettison Constitutional checks and balances. By trying to change the rules, Republicans are hoping to pack the courts with extremist judges. This unprecedented power grab prompted Bob Dole yesterday to caution Senate Republicans, saying, “I think you have to be very careful–that’s my advice–before you start tinkering with the rules.”

While Washington Republicans continue to misuse and abuse their power for partisan gain, Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi believe Congress should do the work the American people sent them there to do.

“The American people did not send us here to misuse or abuse our power, they sent us here to get things done. We can take on the health care crisis in America. We can take steps towards energy independence, so families don’t go broke filling up their gas tanks. We can help middle-class families make ends meet. We can even put good judges on the bench to protect our rights,” said Senator Reid. “There is so much work we can do, but instead, Republican leaders are choosing to take the focus off of our duty to the American people by abusing their power.”