Senate Democrats

Responsible Republican Stands Up Against the Nuclear Option

Republican Firefighter Ted Nonini tells Senate “America Works Best When No One Party has Absolute Power”

Washington, DC – With Republicans waging an unprecedented political power grab and attacking our historic system of checks and balances, Republican Ted Nonini stood with Democratic Leader Harry Reid against the Nuclear Option at stakeout today.

“America works best when no one party has absolute power” said Ted Nonini a Republican, firefighter from Los Angles, California. “I think it’s important to have an open debate where we hear from both sides. I’m a Republican, but that doesn’t mean the other side shouldn’t be heard. The country does work better when we listen to one another, and we cooperate. And that’s what the filibuster’s about. It’s been in the Senate for more than 200 years. We shouldn’t get rid of it just because one side wants to.”

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid echoed Mr. Nonini’s remarks, “I brought Ted here as an example of just who Congress should be fighting for. Instead of abusing power and currying favor with the right-wing for the next political campaign, why don’t we go to work to make life better for American workers like Ted?

“Our transportation system is critical to our economy, yet uncertainty over the highway bill has projects – and the jobs that come with them – stalled. How about we quit posturing over radical judicial nominations and take up the transportation bill? Democrats came here to be legislators,” said Reid. “Instead of abusing power, why don’t we go to work on the real problems the American people face? People in Nevada are paying over $2.50 a gallon for gas. How about we focus on them and set some ambitious energy goals for this country? There are 45 million people without health care in America. How about Republican Leaders stop abusing their power, and instead, use their power to bring down health care costs?”

“This President has a better record of having his judicial nominees approved than any President in the past twenty-five years. Only ten of 215 nominations have been turned down. And those ten had views that were totally out-of-touch with the mainstream values average Americans share,” said Reid.

Mr. Nonini, who voted for George Bush in both 2000 and 2004, has been a Republican for the past fifteen years.