Senate Democrats

Statement By Senator Reid On The Need For A Fair And Independent Court System

“Instead of looking for justifications in the past, I would urge my Republican colleagues to join Democrats in helping the American people today. We need an energy plan that offers Nevadans relief from gas prices that have soared above $2.50. We need a health care plan that helps small businesses provide coverage for their employees. We need to find a way to make sure our schools get the resources they need. And, we should take action to ensure fair and independent courts to protect the constitutional rights of the American people by moving forward on judges that have broad support and demonstrated commitment to those rights.

“The list of things we can accomplish to improve people’s lives is limited only by the time we are willing to devote to the cause and our desire to put partisanship aside. We should not waste this time breaking the rules to change the rules. Similar attempts have been tried in the past, and they have been rejected every time.”